Zacharias Alistair Gordon Smith (commiepinkotool) wrote in thedarkertruth,
Zacharias Alistair Gordon Smith

Who: Jon and Zach
What: Revelatory moments.
When: One dark and stormy night.
Where: A reasonably public corridor, but not too public.

"Right," Zach said, looking this way and that. The bag was waiting at his feet, but oddly he was nervous. This seemed vaguely too much, to take someone's place while they were gone. Zach thought Harry was a plonker, the way he acted, but letting a Slytherin at your reputation? Now that was ill-deserved. Still, he sighed, and when no-one was around, and watching, he squeezed Jon's shoulder and bent down to unzip the nondescript khaki duffel bag. The bag sagged open, revealing the usual assortment of fleshy fake faces - he plucked Harry from the assortment with his fingers and handed it gingerly to Jon. "...Well, it's showtime."
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