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Who: Harry, Bellatrix, Voldemort, and whoever wants to find NotReallyDead!Harry and kill Voldemort
What: More or less the events of DH, sped up, with less spectators, more blood and no Hallows. And some other differences.

"Find Nagini," Draco instructed Harry, before turning back to Snape, who was now rising to his feet....

Harry wanted to argue, wanted to tell Draco not to do it, but Snape had just killed Draco's mother. The young Slytherin could do whatever he wanted. Harry nodded, and ran through the room to the door on the other side into a smaller room. The snake was curling and writhing inside a electric-looking shield.

Nagini, Harry hissed. Collapse )
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Who: Lisa, Jon, Zach, Voldemort & Death Eaters
Where: outside where everyone else is
When: After Harry sends the signal
Why: Because Lisa's got to do something in the battle! Some of the plot takes place here.

Lisa glanced around her, taking in her surroundings and every sound that she could hear. It was quiet except for the occasional whispers from people around her. They were waiting...for what, they didn't really know, but it was going to be a fight that would be told for the next hundred years she was sure.
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The postmaster plonked the mail into the slot in the door. Scooping up his bag, he made his way to the rest of the houses.

At this last house, the mail had been rather normal -- credit card letters, random tickets for various concerts, and letters addressed to "Terry" from "Mum." In the very middle, however, laid an envelope that read: "To Terry." It had nothing else on it. No address, no return address. Only a name.

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Who: Al and Dead!Padma
Where: Al's dream space
When: Before final battle

Her mom and dad and even his sister had given up on him. He would spend countless hours locked in his room just reading for once, looking over old journal entries and then comparing them to the other ones in which a much neater handwriting was found.

He never slept anymore or if he did he always had the same dream...

He was walking around Hogwarts grounds with a long blue robe on and there she was. She ran after her but she always ran away. Somehow he knew this was that faithful night and he tried his best to stop it.

"No....wait!" He said in a coarse voice but before he could finish there was a scream.

"Padma...." He said as he fell to the ground and punched it.
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Meeting up for the final battle

Who: Ron and Hermione...and anyone else who wants to meet with them
What: The final battle
Where: the meeting place Harry sent out to the DA
When: close to 7p.m.

Ron and Hermione made their way out of their flat, taking one last look around.

Ron hoped that they would make it through, but they had no way of knowing since they had only found all but two of the Horcruxes.

Ron gathered Hermione in his arms and kissed her softly. He hoped it wouldn't be the last time they would spend together. He'd studied for weeks...all the spells that Hermione had taught him.

"I love you," he whispered as they pulled apart.

"I love you too," she replied, giving him a brave smile. "It's time to go. Just be careful and remember what I taught you."

Ron nodded and pulled out his wand.

They both Apparated with a pop.
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Hannah and Justin: One last time

Who: Hannah and Justin
What: meeting up to go help the others
When: the night of the final battle
Where: in position outside

Hannah fingered the Galleon in her pocket, taking it out to look at it. It was time. She was scared, but with Justin by her side, she hoped they would make it through.

She had something she had to tell case something happened to either of them. But there wasn't time, not now.

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Who: Harry, Draco, Pansy and/or Snape, maybe eventually Voldemort....
What: Central 'battle' thread - feel free to start your own individual ones in pairs or small groups: eg. Ron and Hermione, Justin and Hannah.
When: The final day

The DA were in position, surrounding the house that no one could see. The Death Eaters had nowhere to run except for the sea. Assuming they'd be running, of course.

The diadem was destroyed. That left two Horcruxes, and Harry only knew what one of them was - even that wasn't for sure. The best he could hope for was to blast Voldemort out of his current body to buy him time to find the last Horcrux. He glanced over at Draco, who looked more miserable than Harry had ever seen him. All attempts to try and convince him he wasn't going to die had fallen flat. Harry thought it was distinctly unhelpful.

He couldn't see the other DA members, but they were there, encircling the castle. Everyone had their assignments, their positions. If they were really, really lucky, everyone might not die.

"Here goes," he whispered. He drew his wand and touched it to the fake Galleon he held in his hand. It was the signal.

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Harry sat down on his bed after sending the message. There was one last thing to do. He picked up Sirius' mirror and cleaned it absent-mindedly with his sleeve. Then he took a deep breath and called through it. "Ginny?"

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Message sent to all D.A members except Ginny

Dumbledore's Army,

It's on. Tomorrow night, 7.00, Outside Foresting, in Turnberry, Scotland.

Do not share this information with anyone, or there will be Consequences. Worse than accusatory acne.

I am not telling you to come. Nor am I asking you to do this if you feel you can't. But if you have been waiting for the time, then it is now.