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September 22nd, 2007

(no subject)

I'm pouting or confused
Who: Theo, Pansy and Susan
When: Backdated way back after Pansy's meeting with Voldie
Where: Susan's home

In the past Theo had never imagined himself in this position. He had waited for Pansy in her house until news from her had been heard. News never came, instead there were only sobs as news of the father and cousin's death's arriving and then thoughts of what could have happened to the girl. People had come the next night to express their condolences and in between it all there came a little short woman to pull on the boy's sleeve. "Miss Parkinson is finally home." She whispered and Theodore immediately headed to her room.

After knocking at her door there came a yelp and at no further reply Theo opened the door. Pansy was crying thrown to the ground out of exhaustion. Her robes were ripped in odd places and Theodore walked beside her. He placed a hand on her shoulder. "I know of someone that can help..." He whispered.

"They gave me just a couple of days to find him...or I'm dead." Pansy raised her face and a gasp escaped Theo's lip. Where there was once a pale delicate face there was now scars across it. A particularly nasty one was cut through the girl's right eye almost reaching to her nose. 

"Come now...we need to get up and out." Despite her protests Theo grabbed her wrist and Apparated to Susan Bones' house.  The brunette next to him suddenly jerked out of his grip and stood tall un-dusting her robes and commented something about how simple of a house this was.

In response Theodore knocked on the door and then offered his cloak to the girl. There was no need to arise suspicions.

September 10th, 2007

(no subject)

(OOC: Because someone has to breathe some life back into this game, and it might as well be the one with the best excuse not to.)

Who: Harry, Draco, and any Order or DA member who's willing.
Where: The new Durham safe house.
When: Midnight.
What: Meeting.
Why: I would think it's obvious.

Draco was pacing the living room - which, to his disgust, also doubled as the dining room - of the dingy old house he now shared with Harry. The meeting was supposed to start at midnight sharp, but it was already five past and nobody had yet floo'd in or in any other way made their presence known. It unnerved Draco to have to wait for others, to be at the mercy of their sense of timing.

It unnerved him just as much that Shacklebolt, in his infinite wisdom, had decided Harry's playgroup were to be included in proceedings. His reasoning had been that they needed all the help they could get. Draco wasn't so sure. The organisation of the Order of the Phoenix had been shot to hell after the deaths of Dumbledore and McGonagall, true enough, and the situation did seem bleak. But, as Draco had thought Snape's betrayal would have shown, even the most reliable people could not be trusted. Added to that was the fact Draco had a low opinion of Harry's friends and didn't think they could in any way measure up to the kind of training he and Harry had been doing. In short, he thought they were a liability. And he said as much to Harry.

"They're a liability, Potter. That's all I'm saying."

September 7th, 2007

(no subject)

Who:Susan & Hannah
Where:A Tea shop in Diagon Alley(Sorry I'm making it up.)
Why: Because I say so?

Susan stepped into the tea shop and she has shades of purple-like bags under her eyes.She hasn't been getting a whole lot of sleep. So she was a little tired but she was happy to be meeting Hannah.She hadn't seen or really talked to Hannah in a while.So a little girl talk and drinking tea would be nice.

She was usually at St.Mungos a lot, doing her internship. She usually come home to Trevor,Neville's toad and her cat. It wasn't much to come home to but wasn't a lot she could do about that.

She stood in the shop and wondered when Hannah would be arriving.

August 31st, 2007

(no subject)

Summary of last few days for plot speed purposes:

Harry and Draco alert the Order to Snape's betrayal. Grimmauld Place is abandoned and the boys are moved to a considerably smaller 'safe' house in Durnham. Harry is made Secret Keeper, and only Draco and Kingsley are given the secret. Remus and the others give Hermione the means to contact Harry through charmed parchment, and the communication charms are taken off their journals.

Hermione and Ron discover that Fiendfyre will destroy Horcruxes, and Harry wastes no time in getting rid of the cup and the locket.

Feel free to add to this below.

August 27th, 2007

(no subject)

Potions master
Who: Severus, Pansy and Voldemort
When: After the Festival
Where: At Voldy's fun house?

Severus was convinced that he wasn't going to die because of the mishaps of a stupid girl. Once upon a time he had been proud of his Slytherin but now he found himself to be overly frustrated with them. What happened to the laws of survival of the fittest? In these days the Slytherins seemed to be bloody Hufflepuffs!  He tugged on arm of Pansy as the girl made futile attempts to get away.

“I’m NOT going to die for you!” He snarled pulling the girl forward, and in the attempt making her fall to the floor.

Pansy had never been more frightened in her whole life. She didn’t want to die, not at the hands of the Dark Lord! If she was going to die during this stupid war she preferred it to be battling at the least, not at the knees of a man that disgusted her. She breathed hard, and attempted to put up the walls in her mind, trying to be able to perform Occlumency but proving unsuccessful.

In a brief moment she wished that someone would come in and save her but she soon gave up that fact as a man with a sinister smile with yellow teeth urged her and Snape forward.

You’re on the wrong side, you can’t be saved.

August 23rd, 2007

Who: Harry, Ron, Hermione
Where: Grimauld Place
Why: Because of the horcruxes and to get the plot rolling

Hermione placed the cup she'd found into a bag and woke Ron from the sofa to go with her to meet Harry. It had been quite some time since the three friends had been together. She lifted the wards to their apartment and locked the doors and Apparated with Ron to Grimauld Place.

August 22nd, 2007

Owl to JonCollapse )

(no subject)

It's a slight pout
Who: Padma's mourners!?
When: not too sure about that...
Where: I think it would be  at her house?

Aldrick had been asked to speak in the funeral, but he didn't. The only time he had a way with words was when he was trying to get a girl into his bed. For some reason he doubted that the situation called or compliments regarding ones clothes and hairstyles or suave words about promises never to be kept. As such he sat in a corner trying to ignore the glances and whispers about him not wearing black.

"He should have cared enough to have decency on her funeral." Aldrick heard some whisper and almost laughed thinking about how the last time he visited had been like. Padma trying to control her breathing with his hand on her knee and then biting into the pillow as to not to be heard by her parents. As if someone else had heard his thoughts a girl walked up to him.

In a moment he recognized the girl as Addis and noticed the fact she had grown, but her stuff animal had changed from a bear to a bunny. "So.. can we go on a date now?" The girl asked and Al almost laughed at the innocence of her. she didn't know any better, she had probably just be explained that Padma was never coming back not that she was dead.

"You still need a couple of years to go..." He said quietly and the girl pouted.

"Why aren't you wearing black!? Mum says I always have to wear black to this things!"
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