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Who: Pansy and Draco and anyone else that might be present. When:…

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I shall mourn you
Who: Pansy and Draco and anyone else that might be present.
When: Couple of month's after the last battle
Where: Memorial location
Why:  We all need an ending for this.

She was running around the fields following a toy broomstick that hovered just a few inches off the ground, with her arms extended she pretended to fly as she laughed and tried to catch the boy flying a few feet in front of her.

As the blond boy flew off a couple stood next to her and informed her, with a smile, that ladies didn’t run but picked her up anyways and straightened the ribbons on her hair. They informed her that her letter of acceptance had arrived, and asked her to prepare herself.

She had been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

With a full smile the girl ran off and got into a train but soon the sunshine turned dark and a storm was brewing. She looked out the window as she saw what would be the train tracks. The only thing wrong was there were none in front. There was a cliff in front of her and she screamed as the train headed to her end.

The girl blasted the window upon and jumped out of the moving train, her body rolled on the muddy ground before it gave away beneath her. She ran away from the rumbling ground and saw a hand being held out to her. The brunette grabbed it without a thought and a jolt hit her body as her eyes opened and she found herself on a bed grasping someone by the shoulders.

“Bloody Hell Parkinson, you’re too stubborn to die!” Said the voice of Theodore as Pansy looked confused and gasped for breath looking at her surroundings

There were lots of words told about her these days, some said she was mad, others said she was brilliant yet others with their tongues wagging could merely say that bad weed never died. Yet, the only words that had rung in her ears for hours and even days were the ones that she had first heard when she sat up with pain shooting through every limb of her body.

She could hardly walk, even Susan who had come at her request had told her that it was best if she just laid down. However, Pansy didn’t allow herself to lay down. They were things to be done things to be informed off what had happened before her comma?

The girl had once read in a book that people sometimes blocked things in their minds as a form of copping with the situations, which was what Pansy concluded had happened to her mind. She had struggled hard to try and remember what had happened but the only thing she could remember where her standing with her wand pointed at Draco.

This made her body stiffen, but her resolution grow more. She needed to find out if he was alive. She had grabbed a cane to help her walk and found a copy of the Daily Prophet. Too many days had passed, the only news were of celebrations, and memorials…

No memorials for the ones she cared about…

Soon she got an owl from the Ministry requesting her for a hearing regarding some sort of crimes. Had she? She sucked air in and got ready for the day to come.

For some people she was far too easy let off the hook, and even Pansy was surprised about this, there were no charges regarding killings, and the only thing mentioned was that the main force in the final battle had requested for all charges against her to be dropped.
The woman was confused but she opted to try and see how much she could push this. In the same hearing she requested pardon to the Slytherins and said she was not to claim that they were under the Imperious curse, but that between their families being threatened and hostilities from the other side it was their only choice.

They allowed her request to go through and Pansy wondered if she was really this influential, if there was someone aiding her from the shadows or if it was a combination of luck and both of her assumptions combined.

She was quoted on the papers, people asked her questions as she started donating large amounts of money to the re-building of the wizarding world and of victims affected by the war. In a couple of months she had managed to suspend a memorial service twice claiming that it was unfair to the families of others that had lost family members since they were only planning to talk about the ones that were easier to agree with.

She talked, convinced and spend long nights arguing about her point. In the end she got what she wanted a memorial for both parties, and due to the crimes that some of the ones what committed they wouldn’t be mentioned unless there was a request from families, or friends to do so.

More people were let out than she expected, it was a long process in which she had to go to the Ministry, and argue each individual case that was being problematic. In the end the ones that were let out were the ones that had been accused of hideous crimes and not even the remaining family members wanted to remember them.

The day of the memorial was a dreary one, rain was falling endlessly from the sky and on the site stood two sets of pillars, to the left they were ones with white marble and golden letters and on the right onyx black ones with silver letters. On the middle a plaque stood with the words that Pansy had used that were quoted everywhere.

“Let us not forget the past, for the blood spilled is gone no matter where it belonged.”

Most persons went to the left side, where they were speeches and even protection from the rain and at the sight of this Pansy growled under herr breath and rolled her eyes. However she didn’t let this get in her way of paying respect to the fallen ones.

She walked from the Apparition area and presented her wand to be checked by Ministry workers, even with the war gone security was as top notch as ever.

“What about her wand?” The worker asked in a quivering voice as she pointed to a little girl clutching Pansy’s hand.

“I told her to never give up her wand, she’s only seven I hardly doubt any threats will come from her.” She commented and someone superior to the worker seem to yell at him and they were let through.

“You imbecile! That is Pansy Parkinson you should not had even ask for her wand!” She overheard them saying and the woman just extended her wand and made a shielding charm surround her and the little girl from the rain.

Pansy had dressed for the occasion, black robes and a black veil covered her face, remembering the answer her grandmother had told her when she as a little girl had asked her why they dressed like this to see dead people.

“Respect child! Respect to the lives that passed on for we shall be joining them.”

At the thought of her grandmother Pansy smiled in a bitter way, the old woman could be terrified by her actions but she know secretly that she would be proud…or so she hoped.

She walked to the pillars as she soon noticed the names were put on by family name, in alphabetical order as such she searched for the letter P and soon found her family not too far off.

The brunette sighted as she read the names, all of her close family members were gone, her whole house was empty except for maids and house elves. She knew that her family often acted as if she wasn’t alive, but the few moments that they noticed her…why those moments were grand. Christmas eve, her first formal appearance in society, her father telling her she was rather smart for a girl, and even her grandmother helping her choose outfits and do her hair they were all good times, scarce but good. She then read some names of fallen fellow Slytherins and made black roses erupt from her wand. She left a rose on each pillar that had a name that she knew.

“Let’s find you now Hannah Nicole Lockett.” She told the little girl who nodded and stepped back a couple of pillars to find her name. Pansy accompanied and her eyes wondered down the list.

Soon enough the came up to the last name Malfoy…and a cold wave rushed through her body. She refused to continue on, for if she found his name there then that little hope that had been edging her on would be gone and she rather live in doubt hoping that her fears were false than reading on and confirming them to be true.

  • Draco was waiting. He had been since dawn. That Pansy would go to the memorial was inevitable - she, displaying a generosity that he severely doubted the honesty of, had put up a great deal of the money after all. She even had herself quoted on a plaque. In many ways, the graduated prince of Slytherin considered, she was still the same girl he'd always known. The spoilt, naive princess who blithely assumed it was all about her. Not even coming close to death and slumbering in a coma for weeks was going to change that.

    There was no particular reason why Draco had never gone to visit Pansy after she had awoken and started rebuilding her life. He had come to her bed in the hospital ward often enough, read to her, washed her long raven-black hair and wet her marble skin with a sponge. But she could not look at him then, could not answer him, could not hear him cry. After he learned she had regained consciousness he dropped out of sight. It was not yet time.

    It was not too difficult. Calling in some favours had kept his name out of the papers. He was already living a hermit-like existence in a variety of hotels around London. Malfoy Manor had been most decisively sold and all that was precious to Draco and not a Dark item that the Ministry wanted to confiscate he had securely locked away in the vaults of Gringotts. His new account there, under an assumed name, was filled to bursting. He had been handsomely rewarded for his deeds by the Ministry, made a number of smart investments, and found to his surprise that his mother had had a sizeable nest egg of her own which she had placed under his name in her will. The Malfoy family hadn't been this rich since the time of Grandfather Abraxas. Just a pity the Malfoy family now consisted only of him.

    So, he had become a ghost. For all intents and purposes he had been a ghost for the past few months. After the Battle at the Cliffs all survivors who'd fought against Voldemort were hailed as heroes and subjected to a flurry of praise and gifts and interviews. When it came out exactly what kind of role Draco had played in the Dark Lord's downfall, and particularly when mention was made of his duel with Severus Snape, he suddenly found himself becoming popular with people who had never before looked at him with anything but hatred. And he had looked with just as much loathing at them.

    It was a bizarre, discomforting experience, and Draco did not tolerate it for long. Within a few weeks of the fall of Voldemort he refused to speak to the press about anything whatsoever, and even his fellow Order members and, he supposed he could call them that now, friends, found it hard to get a grasp on him. Draco would only ever really talk to Harry Potter. The irony of this did not elude him, but even so he felt the Boy Who Killed The Dark Lord was the only person who understood what had happened as well as he did, the only one who knew him. The only one still living and conscious, at least...

    He approached Pansy carefully, with slow, even steps. For a time he stood at her side and watched the pillar. Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Black Malfoy were written side by side, close as they had rarely been in life. Draco took a deep breath. But he would not cry.

    "Did you know them?" he asked softly of the girl at his side.
    • As the rain continued to fell down Pansy was off in her little world. She had asked the little girl what the best lesson from her parents was. The girl had replied with a pout and looked up at Pansy.

      “Do not talk to strangers.” Pansy had almost laughed, the first time she had met the girl she had locked herself in the closet and refused to talk to her.

      She heard a voice and flinched, not out of freight but because she was merely startled. As the words formed into a sentence the brunette almost scoffed and rolled her eyes. She was aware of whose name this stranger was asking for. It was the name that a daring reporter from time to time had asked. They had brought up the Malfoy name far too many times when she was present, with words of heroes and smiles. This had been the reason why she always told persons that her life was not to be discussed, that she had merely known him in school. But yet, it only took a Slytherin wanting to have some spot light to say that they had been engaged at once and Pansy had merely laughed and shrugged it off.

      She had merely told everyone the truth that she did not know what had happened to the Malfoy’s only heir.

      As such she considered, during the minutes of silence between the question and her reply. That this was someone from the tabloids, trying to get some information out of her. Bloody people, trying to get information when one was so shaken that it could be easy to give anything away.

      “Who?” She asked simply and then started to slowly walk in the opposite direction to examine some of the pillars that stood before.
      • "The Malfoys," Draco replied quietly, following her at a respectful distance. He was not going to force anything on her. Not even the course of this conversation. All would come out in due time.
        • Pansy sighed, the tone of voice seemed to be just curiosity out of the fact that her eyes refused to travel down the lines. "I knew their son." She said quietly and stopped as a cold breeze surrounded her.
          • Draco turned up his collar, but in truth the cold did not affect him much. Nothing much did these days. "They say he's quite the hero," he observed. "But he isn't, of course."
            • At the first words Pansy merely continued walking. She had heard those words before, that was why the questions that involved his name were usually brought up. Everybody wanted to know what might be going on in the lives of their heroes.

              “Come on time to go home.” She told the girl who held her hand as Pansy set up a stronger shield, the rain was growing fast, and now felt like bullets against the shield.

              At the next words something in her mind snapped. She was not sure what bothered her the most of the comment. Perhaps it was that she had just glanced at the names of Gregory and Vincent, perhaps months after ruining into these type of people finally had tired her patience. The ones that did not see the crimes that their own had committed, the ones that no matter how hard the others would try to offer peace could always bring miniscule details up. Perhaps it was also the fact that she did miss him and her old attitudes started flourishing from that resentment in not knowing what had been of him. She had enough of sympathy, being courteous and polite. No more else was anyone going to put the memories of the ones she had loved down.

              “Oh yes, because never mind that he helped the good said” She said sarcastically. “Even though his only living relative deserted him, and so did his old acquaintances and friends! No all you people need to bring up are the minuscule facts of the things he ONCE did.” At this she turned around and gasped looking up and down at the person standing in front of her.

              She took a step back, leaning in her cane and stood in front of the little girl.

              There were thousands of words she wanted to say that got stuck in her throat. A relieved sight escaped her and she brought her hand to cover her lips.
              • Somehow, despite everything, Draco could not suppress a small smile as he looked Pansy in the eye for the first time in a long time. She got to him still. There had never been any point in denying it. But that did not change matters. He was stronger now than he had been. He was strong enough to face her.

                "They were hardly miniscule things," he said softly, keeping the smile on his features. "But thank you for that, Pansy. I'm glad to see that you still stick up for me. Old habits die hard. I suppose that in a way that is also why I'm here."

                He looked briefly at the girl behind Pansy, cocked his head. She took a nervous step back. Then he looked up at his ex-fiancee again. She looked relieved. She might have thought him dead. Briefly Draco felt a pang of guilt for letting her labour under this impression. But only briefly.

                "You look well. You carry off the cane almost as well as my father did."
                • Pansy was still uneasy, the smile that crept up on Draco’s face made her want to smack him. She did not know why but perhaps it was the fact that she had preoccupied herself so long for him that now there was just…shock. Her eyebrows rose on her face as she flicked her hair behind her ear, a nervous habit that she had never given up.

                  “You were expecting me?” Pansy said as a smile formed on her lips and she could feel the wand of the girl poking from her side. “Wand down Nicole.” She said and the girl obeyed eyeing the stranger.

                  “I saw him in the papers once.” The little girl whispered and Pansy just rose an eyebrow.

                  “I’m sure you have.”

                  At Draco’s next comment Pansy’s mouth hanged opened and she brought her cane up and poked him in a joking matter on the nearest area she could reach. “Well compliments from whoever it was that made me be in bed for heaven’s know how long!” She paused briefly and looked down. She wished she could remember what had happened.

                  “Did I… ah … hurt you?”
                  • "It was Harry," Draco explained, seeing no reason to keep the truth from her. "He thought he was saving me from you. Ironic, isn't it? And no, Pansy, you didn't hurt me."

                    He placed a hand on his heart briefly.

                    "Only in here. And even that doesn't hurt anymore."
                    • Pansy looked down as she rubbed her forehead slightly. She had been put in a comma by Harry Potter? Well she supposed it was expected, after all just how many people had the boy hurt trying to save the wizarding world. It didn't matter, really. That was all over with.

                      As Draco put a hand in his heart she rose an eyebrow. "At least that did not put you in a comma." She said, confused as to how and why he said this. She looked at the little girl that clutched to her robes and sighed.

                      "Marty..." She said softly and a house elf appeared. "Take her home and be sure she eats and starts her lessons." She said as she ran a hand through the girl's hair. She bend down to her eye level and smiled. "I will try to be home by dinner or tea time." Thegirl pouted but didn't resist as the house elf bowed its head and held her hand.

                      Looking back at Draco she rose an eyebrow. "I did not think that you cared any more." She said walking back to where the Malfoy name was written and she read the two names that were side by side.

                      "Your mother..." She whispered as she traced the names with her fingertips.
                      • "I don't," Draco said, not quite sure to what degree he was lying. "I used to, a great deal. But everything's in a different perspective now. I have not come to take you back. But I suppose you know that already. You've started a life of your own. You've even got yourself an orphan - how touching."

                        As Pansy brought up Draco's mother he couldn't help tensing for a moment. Thinking about her was still very viscerally painful. It might always remain so. He wouldn't mind that so much. At least he would never forget.

                        "She tried to protect me," he observed. "At the last she chose me over him."
                        • Pansy rose an eyebrow. "If you just came here to mock me without even bothering to understand." She said as he mentioned the orphan. She ran her hands through her hair as she felt her shield from the rain fading. "Some extremist, when news got out of the battle and the dark lord being defeated, started attacking random families of purebloods. I doubt it was covered in the news except but on little side lines." She took a pause and a breath. "That is how grandmother and mother...." She shook her head there was no need to explain herself.

                          "The house was terribly empty and ..." Her voice trailed off, she didn't need to explain herself, she didn't need to tell him just why she was doing this.

                          At his words about his mother Pansy gave a brief smile. "Did you ever doubt that?"
                          • There was real honesty in Pansy's voice as she talked about the girl, and her family's fate. It surprised him, quie pleasanly. He did not see this side of her often at all. But perhaps that was because he'd never gone looking for it. He'd been happy to just let her dote on him.

                            "Yes," he answered.
                            • "Then you were too blinded. I knew it from the moment I met her she just wanted the best for you. Even as a little girl I could see she loved you more than she loved your father." Pansy looked at him. "More than she could ever lovve another man."

                              She looked away and crossed her arms. "Why did you not just send me an owl just so I could know you were alive. Theodore was there when I woke up...why..." She stopped as she realized something. He didn't have to be there, neither did any of the people that had been by her side as she woke up. Demanding that he should hae been there could probably be confusing but perhaps still Pansy felt that she had been there endless times and that only once she could be pleasantly surprised to see him there.
                              • "Then why all the arguments?" Draco asked rhetorically. "Why the blind naivety? She walked into the serpent's den again and again without a second's thought. I wanted so dearly to protect her but she never let me. And you - she hated you. I can't believe you of all people would see this side of her when I, who loved her more than anything, never did..."

                                He took a deep breath. It was the closest he'd come to crying in a long time.

                                "I wanted to see how you would live without me," he answered Pansy's next question. "And you have coped rather well, considering. I've played a part from the shadows, of course, but I could do nothing less."
                                • "I suppose I ended up understanding a lot more things about how our families worked, Draco." She said simply. "She hated me yes, but do you remember that time when you vanished from school? Before you were marked? I talked to her, I ask her if she knew anything she received me in her house. Draco, the only reason he hated me was because she did not thought that anyone asides from her should care so much for you. She defended you many times, perhaps you were ust not aware of it." Another pause and she sighed. "It is not good to talk ill of the ones that are no longer with us."

                                  At his answer she scoffed and crossed her arms. "That was it then? Was I merely a project for you? Do you realize how many bloody nights I stayed up wondering if I had killed you? If I had somehow facilitated your dead?" She ran her hands through her hair. "Was it not evident from the moment you went with them that I could live without you?"
                                  • "It was evident you could die without me," Draco said sharply. "And kill. I have not forgotten Hogwarts, Pansy. No amount of good deeds will wash that red stain from your hands. I was a Death Eater before you, but I never went that far."
                                    • Pansy laughed at the first sentence. "Die without you? I was heart broken a concept that I do not think you are capable of comprehending." She explained crossing her arms. "So let me think you thought that by now I could be in the mental area of St. Mungos, lovely."

                                      At his next words Pansy rose an eyebrow. That's what everybody thought? Well, no one had found out it was her that had destroyed Hogwarts but still. A shiver went up her spine as she adjusted her robes. "I was naive...do you really think that I knew the effects? You think that I just went over to Hogwarts and casted a huge explosion hex?" A pause as she rubbed a side of her head.

                                      Once more she didn't know why she was explaining herself, maybe to clear her consciense slightly, maybe just to put doubts at rest. Maybe she just thought that Draco did deserve an explanation.

                                      "I did not become a Death Eater." She extended her arm and pulled up the sleeve to show him that her skin was still un-marked. "The robes that we wore that night of the battle were a manner of concealment. I do not think you received a letter but by the end of the seventh year all Slytherins received a letter from him asking us to join him or to be exterminated due treachery." She closed her eyes and sighed. "I went and made a deal with him...Slytherins were not to be marked and I would be the one in charge of them getting missions and things. I said that it could be easier if we were concealed, giving us chance to spy. It was stupid but I was still hurt by what you did Draco and I did not considered joining the other side an option for me. You had proven to them I'm sure but me? My pride wouldn't let me."

                                      She took a deep breath and fiddled with her gloves before she spoke again. "Professor Snape was present that day, when I went to see him...how could you even look into the eyes of that...thing that called himself a lord?" She said looking at Draco before looking away.

                                      "My first mission was to put a coin in the middle of Hogwarts, I wasn't informed of anything else. I was scared and once more in me being naive and stupid I just thought it was some sort of tracking device, not that it would destroy the whole school. I was on the grounds when I heard the explosion it was..." She paused and licked her lips looking down.

                                      "Not justifying myself though, I am fully aware of my stains and mistakes but I am also aware that at the time for most of it I had no clear idea to what extend he could go since I always had been under your protection."
                                      • (OOC: I swear I replied to this ages ago. Sorry.)

                                        "You're not justifying yourself, you say," the prince of Slytherin stated coldly, meeting her eye without flinching. Poor, foolish Pansy. He couldn't be angry at her. But he couldn't be touched by her either. "And yet you constantly call yourself naive, unaware, uninformed. It is true I protected you before, but even so... Not even a Hufflepuff would be that stupid, Pansy."

                                        He was being harsh, and purposefully so. To cauterise the bleeding, shattered bond between them. After today they could never meet again. Draco did not want Pansy in his life. He wanted to put his entire past in a chest and seal it away forever. Her included. This would be the last time.

                                        "Did you ever wonder why your name has been kept out of the papers? Outside of your own promotion efforts, I mean. The wizarding public knows nothing of your involvement in Hogwarts' destruction, but the Order does. You confessed it with both me and Harry Potter present. Have you ever considered why you are not in Azkaban right now, rotting? It's been my doing, Pansy. My word, and the Malfoy coffers. One last wedding present for a marriage that will never be. From today I owe you nothing, Pansy. And you are forever in my debt."
                                        • (OOC: It's ok I didn't have comp access for a while)

                                          Pansy looked back at him without flinching either, she had been through way too much for her to back down and quiver at his case. It was because of him and her moment of weakness that she had gone through the tortures and had gone into radical actions. She was not going to back down.

                                          "I never claimed I was smart in those days. Because of your protection, and the one of my own family I did not know how truly he behaved." Even after all that had happened she was to join the masses of people that couldn't speak the name of the Dark Lord. She wasn't going to even bother snapping back at him with furiosity. What was the point? It had all passed, she was certain they couldn't go back to how they were and she felt hurt because of this. Mainly because she was aware than before they were lovers they had been friends somewhere on the line.

                                          It hurt her to think this was how they ended up being, she didn't want him back. They had seen far too much and endured everything. They had spoken too many words against the others but yet...there was an empty feeling inside her stomach.

                                          At his last words she rose her eyebrows and starred un-believing at him. It wasn't his explanation that got to her, she had been very aware that someone was aiding her in the shadows with her empty excuses but yet the fact that SHE was in HIS debt? That was a laughable matter.

                                          "I'm in YOUR DEBT?" She snapped and glared furiously at him having to clutch at her cane for balance. "Everything I did for you before that day, Malfoy? They do not count? Because even if you attempted to save that does not erase everything I endured by your side. " Her tone of voice was slow, and lower. "Do you not remember the night of your father's dead?" She whispered, and took a pause. "How I aided you in your plan with Ginny Weasley? They were not for the greater good Draco but I have done far many things for you that I do not believe you are aware of. I did not ask for a re-payment Draco. I do not want it." Pride was something she was always full off and this wasn't going to be an exception. "I do not want you either but do not dare to say I am forever in your debt like a house elf to its master."

                                          She wasn't going to end this feeling on his debt. She didn't want him back because she was sure this wasn't the boy she had fallen in love with. They had both grown so fast that now they were un-recognizable to the other and once more Pansy didn't know if she should be happy or mad.
                                          • "You are in my debt, Pansy Parkinson," Draco repeated, turning away all feelings of compassion for her. She was right, in a way, but so was he. And he could cold as death if he wanted to be. "You sheltered me after my father's death and you fought Ginny Weasley for me and you have been my confidante for many a year. But you cannot weigh that against four lives, Pansy. You cannot weigh that against the destruction of the world's greatest school."

                                            He turned from her, stared at the alabaster columns - all the names, all the histories, all the pain hidden behind those pureblood titles. There were times when he almost, almost, wished he was someone other than Draconis, scion of the Malfoy family. And this was one.

                                            "You will not see me again after today, Pansy," he assured her, still looking away. "I will walk out of this place, and out of your life, and that will be the end of it."
                                            • Pansy let out breath as her hand turn pale against her cane. She glared at him and rose an eyebrow. "You are acting as if you are free of guilt oh yes I forgot aiding the good ones no matter if killing someone in the process really matters now? All that matters is the good ones." She took a pause. "Only three lives, Malfoy count my sins correctly."

                                              She stared at her family name and shivered as he talked once more. "I do not wish to be in your debt. How may I re-pay you?" She asked, not asking for any favors. "If disappearing will be enough payment I will gladly take it."
                                              • "Padma Patil was there too," Draco corrected her in turn. "And no, I have no use for your disappearance. I want you to live, and live publicly. Do what you have been doing, but increase your efforts ten-fold. Open the Parkinson mansion to orphans. Donate all you can spare to charity. Take no more for yourself than what is absolutely needed. We will make a bleeding heart of you yet, Pansy."

                                                And with that it was over. He turned on his well-polished heels and strode away from her, past the columns both light and dark. Only at the end of the lane did he look back at her, once, briefly. And spoke.

                                                "Only acting, Pansy. I'm only acting. I'm not at all free from guilt. Nor will I ever be. Nor you. That is the one thing we still share. Farewell, my dearest."

                                                And then, without even giving pause for a reply, he was gone.
  • Hannah ran her fingers over her extended belly and let a tear slide down her face. She missed Justin so very much and every time she thought of him and the child she carried, she found herself in tears.

    Her parents had taken the news that she was pregnant considerably well and Hannah and vowed to raise her child so he or she would know about their father.

    She ran her fingers over Justin's name on the memorial plaque, ignoring those around her. She placed the red and yellow roses she'd brought for him. He'd been her friend and her lover...the love of her life and she knew she would never be the same for having known him.

    Wiping the tears from her face, she turned and left, needing to be alone.
  • Ron and Hermione made their way to the memorial site. A list of those who had given their lives.

    "I can't believe we lost so many," Ron said, scanning the names. "Didn't seem like so many that day."

    "I know," Hermione replied. "Both of the Creeveys and Lisa Turpin...Justin Finch-Fletchly."

    "Kind of makes you wish we'd known them better, yeah?"

    Hermione gave a nod and tightened her hold on Ron's hand.

    "It makes me thankful for every moment we have," she said, looking up at him. "I'm glad your name and Harry's aren't on this memorial."

    Ron hugged her close. "Let's go home, yeah?"

    Hermione gave him a smile and they Apparated away.
  • Harry stood near the edge of the proceedings. It hadn't seemed right to miss it, but he'd been hounded by the press and the Ministry and well... everyone... since that day. He wore his hood low over his face as he watched the mourners.

    After all, someone had to mourn for Voldemort, or rather, Tom Riddle, the boy who had gone down such a dark path and created so much chaos but was still, nevertheless, a man who had died. Lestrange, as well. Someone had to mourn for the people Harry had killed.

    He looked over at Draco and Pansy and wondered what they were talking about. Draco was safe now, or as safe as he would ever be, and he didn't need Harry anymore. Harry wasn't sure that he didn't still need Draco, but he would never say as much.

    And Ginny. Ginny, who was just starting to put the peices of her life back together. She was standing nearby, paying her respects, understanding his need to be alone for a while.
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