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Who: Lisa, Jon, Zach, Voldemort & Death Eaters Where: outside where…

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[lisa] - wild hair//parted lips
Who: Lisa, Jon, Zach, Voldemort & Death Eaters
Where: outside where everyone else is
When: After Harry sends the signal
Why: Because Lisa's got to do something in the battle! Some of the plot takes place here.

Lisa glanced around her, taking in her surroundings and every sound that she could hear. It was quiet except for the occasional whispers from people around her. They were waiting...for what, they didn't really know, but it was going to be a fight that would be told for the next hundred years she was sure.
  • Zach hadn't needed much convincing when Jonathan had asked him to tell him about the mysterious message he'd been sent that had turned him pale and nervous, and the DA hadn't taken much time to decide that Jonathan, though a Slytherin, was a welcome new member. Jonathan's mother was an Order member, after all, and she too would be at the battle - quite possibly to fight her ex-husband. And Draco Malfoy himself had vouched for him, which somehow still galled Jonathan. When he'd brought up the subject of his little brother Geoffrey the prince of Slytherin had, in a rather surprising move, honestly apologised and explained his actions two years prior as best he could, but Jonathan, like all Slytherins, still felt it difficult to forgive him.

    Well, he mused, maybe if we both live through this I'll challenge him to a duel.

    Those chances, though, were small. Especially considering what an utterly idiotic, though undeniably heroic, thing Jonathan and Zach were currently doing. Being in the battle at all was risky enough. Being at the forefront of it was worse. Being at the forefront of it wearing these faces...

    Still, one had to appreciate the irony that the masks that had loomed so large in Zach's and his personal life, that had for some time been nothing but playthings, and naughty ones at that, were now being used for something a bit greater, nobler. And undoubtedly for the last time too.

    "Oi, red eyes!" Jonathan shouted up at the highest window in the decrepit mansion, looking briefly at Zach for reassurance and finding Draco Malfoy's eyes staring back at him. Behind him he could hear the Order and the DA begin their run up the hill. Magic sizzled in the air. "I'm here! Let's finish this!"
    • Lisa frowned as she saw what looked to be Harry Potter coming up the hill. That was an odd thing for him to do, wasn't it, she thought to herself. Just to come out and demand the Dark Lord make his appearance. Perhaps, he was braver than anyone had thought...or perhaps he was just completely brainless...

      Then again, Lisa had faith in people. She knew without a doubt they would win the day.

      She found a suitable place to crouch down and waited for the Death Eaters to come out and play.
      • The great oak double door of the mansion opened. Figures in dark cloaks advanced. Jonathan tried to keep his wand level. He risked another glance at Zach. Even considering he was wearing Draco's face, he was looking paler than usual. His voice, also not his own, trembled a little as he spoke.

        "Jonathan, if something happens-"

        "Shut up."

        "Just know that I-"

        "Shut up."

        "I'd want you to-"

        "I said, shut up."

        "Love you too."

        And they smiled at each other. A desperate smile.
  • Voldemort swept out of the doors, not a little worried. Nagini was protected, but he could find no trace of his other Horcruxes. The little brat was cleverer than he had thought! Coming out in the open like this, though, this was an incredibly stupid move.

    "Good evening, boys," he called over the sound of fighting. "Harry, welcome. Malfoy, I expected better of you. I do wish you had stayed longer, yesterday. We could have had a little talk."
    • Zach swallowed and resisted the urge to reach for Jonathan's hand. "Talking never led to anything good," he shot back.
      • "Fools," Voldemort hissed. "You think you can just walk up to my house and destroy me?"
        • So this was Lord Voldemort. Jonathan had heard talk of him, of course, but the closest he'd come to seeing him thus far had been Draco's rather tasteless choice of costume back at the Halloween Ball. He had to admit the real thing was far more...impressive. In the most terrible way possible.

          "Something like that, yes," Jonathan answered, his voice shooting up and down his vocal range with fear. "It didn't work out so well for you back in 1980 but then I'm sure you don't have anyone's love protecting you. We'll give it a shot."
          • Voldemort's lips curled into a derisive smile, but something was wrong here, and he was unsure. "So be it," he growled, and shot a deadly curse at the two boys.
            • Jonathan and Zach cast their defensive spells at almost exactly the same time. The shielding charm crackled to life around them and Voldemort's hex exploded in a wave of green fire at its edges. Jonathan felt himself being pushed back by the sheer force of it. Magic hung thick in the air. Jonathan's limbs felt weak, his wand limp in his hand. He wasn't going to survive another one of those.

              "This would be a good time to run, yes?" he hissed at Zach. "We've done our bit."
              • Lisa's proximity to the fighting was a little closer than she thought. She had stood from her spot just as Voldemort and his cohorts sent deadly spells toward the fake Harry and fake Draco.

                She meant to shield herself from any spells that might come her way. But in the excitement of the first spells thrown, she didn't have time. And apparently the fake boys had done a good job of casting shields around themselves.

                Lisa hissed as pain exploded through her at the power of the deadly spell that hit her. She felt the blood come out of her mouth as she fell to the ground. There was no time for a warning or a cry for help. She was dead with in seconds.
                • Zach yelled in shocked as he saw the girl nearby just... fall. It took him a while to realise what had happened to her. Cold fear bubbled up in his soul as he realised that spell had been meant for him or Jon. He turned to look back at Voldemort and saw realisation spread across the ugly, snake-like face. Malfoy would never have shouted like that.

                  "Run!" he yelled, grabbing Jon by the sleeve and pulling him around.
                  • "What does it look like I'm doing?" Jonathan yelled above the thundering roar of the magic around them. He was pulling Zach along just as hard as Zach was pulling him. He tried not to think of the lifeless body they were leaving behind them, her blood soaking into the grass...

                    "Fools," he heard Voldemort hissing behind them. And then Jonathan's face melted. It happened rather quickly. He had to close his eyes to avoid bits of Harry Potter's hair and forehead dripping into his eyes. It felt like hot candlewax sliding down his face.

                    He looked over to Zach and found he had also taken on his familiar appearance. "I hope we've given them enough time," Jonathan said, breathing heavily, and found that he'd regained his slight Irish lilt.
                    • A spell hit the dirt at Zach's heels and almost sent him flying. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit," he growled.
                      • "Just keep going!" Jonathan shouted, trying not to look at the ground. There were more and more bodies lying there. "You're not going to die today, I won't allow it."
                        • Zach forced himself to keep running until his will ran short and he fell behind a large rock. "I'm sorry," he breathed. "I can't..."
                          • Jonathan dove behind the same rock and crouched down next to Zach, his wand raised and his back against the stone. At least it would provide some cover. "I remember," Jonathan said, still panting from their run, "a certain Hufflepuff Quidditch captain who could match me blow for blow. Whatever happened to him?"
                            • Zach's stomach churned and he fought the urge to throw up. "That girl..." he stammered, sucking in the dead, stinking air. "Back there..."
                              • "I know," Jonathan said morosely.

                                But he didn't, not really. There had been the terrible moment of realisation, of course. That was Lisa Turpin back there, killed by a spell that hadn't even been meant for her. It was a terrible thing.

                                But Jonathan didn't feel it, not now, not in the way he knew he should. Zach was close to being sick by the looks of it, but Jonathan's blood was pounding with too much adrenaline for him to think about anything but fight or flight. He recalled a time years ago when he'd gotten himself lost in the woods as a child. He wandered for a full day, but his legs didn't give in to exhaustion until he could see Harper Castle in the distance. The situation was much the same now, he thought. They had to reach the end of the tunnel first. Then they could mourn.

                                "Come on," he told Zach, tugging at his sleeve, "I'm getting you out of here."
                                • He let Jon drag him to his feet, barely registering what was giong on as he tried to fight down vomit.
                                  • They ran. Ran until their legs burned and their breath came out as gasps, ran into the darkness and the shelter of the trees, until they finally came to a rest far from the hill, near a quietly rustling brook. Jon couldn't hear the battle anymore. Perhaps it was already over. Perhaps they had already won. Or lost.

                                    "Safe," he breathed, and wiped a tear away. He hadn't realised he'd started crying.
                                    • "I'm... I'm sorry I froze like that," he gasped.
                                      • "Is okay," Jonathan said with a sigh of exhaustion and relief, placing an arm around Zach. It suddenly felt very important that he keep him close. "Didn't really expect it, though. Always figured you'd be the stronger of the two of us. Nice on the outside, tough on the inside, sort of thing."
                                        • "It was just... all that blood, and..." he swallowed. "Kiss me."
                                          • Jon couldn't help but break out in a grin. "There's the Zach I know." He tilted his head to the side a bit and gently pressed his lips to those of his lover. Then he slipped him a little tongue. It was a heat of the moment kind of thing.
                                            • "If I was ever going to die," Zach said between heated kisses. "It would have to be like this."
                                              • "Living like this ain't bad either," Jonathan observed, holding Zach's face between his hands as he kissed him. "I love you, you bastard."
  • Zach let Jon kiss his breath away, then pushed him back a little. "We are so lucky to be alive right now."
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