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The postmaster plonked the mail into the slot in the door. Scooping…

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Watchful and worried.
The postmaster plonked the mail into the slot in the door. Scooping up his bag, he made his way to the rest of the houses.

At this last house, the mail had been rather normal -- credit card letters, random tickets for various concerts, and letters addressed to "Terry" from "Mum." In the very middle, however, laid an envelope that read: "To Terry." It had nothing else on it. No address, no return address. Only a name.

Dear Terry,

I know it’s been quite a while since we’ve talked due to, well, territorial issues, but I never got to properly say goodbye to you. Actually, I never got to properly say goodbye to anyone. I thought there would be so much time before now, but I suppose that just didn’t happen, did it?

I know that this letter sounds quite impossible, but I assure you, this is no joke at all. If you need proof, I know that your worst fear is of lobsters because you heard one screaming in a restaurant once. I am afraid of cockroaches and being alone. My middle name’s Hemangini, and it means “girl with the golden body.” Fair enough?

Before I go away forever, I want you to know that I love you. With all of my heart and soul that still lives on, I will always love you, in this world and in the next. Because I know that you’re the only one who would ever read any of my letters, I’d really like it if you told everyone else that we were ever close to. I know it’s a lot to ask, but Terry, if someone can keep our group together, it’s you.

Terry, I really am happy here. It’s for the best, and I want you to know that I am safe here. Everything is so careless. And you wouldn’t believe it, Terry, the stereotypes are right. Everything is so light. I feel uplifted just because of it. Even the tiniest bit of darkness can’t slip through. I don’t feel anything. …In a good way.

And because I may never get a chance to say another goodbye, I want to clarify that I really do love you. You were always my friend, and I will always consider you my best friend, through it all. I hope you know that I do have high hopes for you in the future, and I will always be watching over you. Know that even through the darkest of times, I’ll be with you, protecting you. Because that’s what friends do.

I can’t quite say what made me depart this world, but I do know that this was meant to happen. Everything will turn out all right because of this, and I know it. Keep calm. Be safe. Remember that in that little space of time between dreaming and awakening, that is where you will find me.

I love you, Terry Boot, and you will always be my best friend. Goodbye.

Padma Patil.
  • It was late when Terry walked up the path to his front door, something he had done for years, but today it was different. He noticed the way the people on his street had painstakingly put their front gardens together and he wondered how long they had spent deliberating over such mundane details as which colours to put together or choosing the different types of plants or flowers for the different seasons. He found himself listening to sounds he would usually have ignored or not previously noticed, like the blare of a car radio, raised voices from the open window of a house across the street, the sound of a baby crying. He also found himself noticing the slightest movements. He stopped to watch his neighbour’s cat sneak softly away into the growing darkness. It seemed important somehow to note all of these unimportant, unnoticed, every day details. What if I were never to walk down this street again? he thought as he let himself into the house he had grown up in.

    Terry stepped over the pile of letters lying on the rug. Closing the door behind him, he took off the black jacket he had worn to the funeral, his Ravenclaw tie and held them as he looked listlessly down the hall at the doors leading into various rooms. He stood for a moment like this, feeling numb, as though he were trapped in a nightmare and was waiting to wake up. Shaking his head, he flung the jacket and tie over the banister and headed upstairs, switching on all the lights before returning downstairs and switching all the lights on. His mum would have killed him if she had been there but he didn’t care. He couldn't sit in the oppressive darkness which seemed to weigh down on him. He needed the house to be full of light, perhaps that would ease some of the pain in his heart.
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