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Who: Al and Dead!Padma Where: Al's dream space When: Before final…

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It's a slight pout
Who: Al and Dead!Padma
Where: Al's dream space
When: Before final battle

Her mom and dad and even his sister had given up on him. He would spend countless hours locked in his room just reading for once, looking over old journal entries and then comparing them to the other ones in which a much neater handwriting was found.

He never slept anymore or if he did he always had the same dream...

He was walking around Hogwarts grounds with a long blue robe on and there she was. She ran after her but she always ran away. Somehow he knew this was that faithful night and he tried his best to stop it.

"No....wait!" He said in a coarse voice but before he could finish there was a scream.

"Padma...." He said as he fell to the ground and punched it.
  • And then there she was, standing right behind him, a small smile on her face. She looked paler than before, though not translucent. Her fragile body looked lighter, a little more feeble, but she was there.

    "You know, it's not best to dwell on things like this," she whispered in his ear, wrapping her arms around him from behind.
    • The boy gasped as he felt tears sting his eyes he turned around and hugged her while still on his knees. He rubbed his cheek against her stomach and closed his eyes.

      • The girl giggled, and it echoed in the chill air of the outdoors. "I've told you at least a billion and one times, don't call me that." However, she looked down at him and smiled. Padma reached her hand to his head, ruffling his hair playfully. "I'm here," she whispered consolingly.
        • "Don't leave please...no thing's worth doing any more." He whispered as he continue to hold onto her like a kid would a teddy bear during a terrible nightmare.
          • She shook her head. "I can't be here forever, but I can at least stay a little while." Padma raised his chin up with her fingertips. Though frail, Padma was powerful. "Come on, cheer up. You're making me sad," she told him. "I worry about you."
            • Aldrick looked up at her his blue eyes filling up with tears and his face red. "But...what can I do without you? Nothing's worth it any more...no one believe in me...I don't believe in me."
              • "I believe in you," she whispered to him. Padma gently ran her thumb over the skin just below his eye, brushing a stray tear away. "You need to learn to let go."
                • "I don't want to..." He said and held onto her even tighter than before. HE shook his head from side to side hard. "It's not worth it, you gave me reason to do things...now...what future do I have? I'll probably become a stripper and lie for a living."
                  • Padma suddenly wretched his arms off her and plopped down next to him. Staring at him, the girl sat, kneeling. "You can still do it. If you would just learn to believe in yourself, you can do it. That's what I've been telling you all along."
                    • "To what point and purpose Padma!? You're gone!" He shouted and then slammed his fists on the floor once more. In front of others he never expressed his anger towards the situation, he was calm and quiet, which contrasted with his usual extravagant ways of dealing with things. "What's the point? I don't care enough for myself..."
                      • "I care about you," she told him quietly. "This would have been so much more simple if you'd just told me how you really felt about me."
                        • He sniffed and ran his hand down his face looking up at her. "What did you expect? I'm Aldrick the stupid Ravenclaw."
                          • Padma glared at him. "You are so much better than that, and you know it."
                            • "You were the only one that ever thought that..." He said as he laid back on the grass and saw as Hogwarts exploted, from this angle it looked like fireworks were going off. All of the sudden he sat up. "Can you tell me who...."
                              • Padma stood up, staring up at the sky with a sadness on her face that no one else could manage but her. She wordlessly shook her head. After a few seconds of silence, she told him, "Someone stunned me from behind, and I remember waking up on pavement. And then everything went green."
                                • "Please Padma try and think? Your sister is probably going to go into the war and Jon...he's shouting about shooting hexes everywhere!"
                                  • "I don't know," she whispered. "I kind of came to the conclusion that Pansy Stunned me and then Levitated me to someplace safe, but it ended up being not so safe after all." Padma shook her head. "I really don't know."
                                    • Aldrick blinked and stared. "Pansy? What in the blazes would that girl be doing here?" He said and scratched his head as he brought her to sit in the ground and then laid his head on her lap.
                                      • "She's one of them, now." Padma watched where the castle once was, though her eyes were unfocused. She obviously was thinking very hard about something else. Absentmindedly, she ran her fingers softly through his hair. "Aldrick?"
                                        • "...But what about her manicure? She was always worried about that..." He said as he buried his face in her robes and sighed. "Hum?" He asked softly.
                                          • "Perhaps that's why she didn't kill me," Padma whispered accusingly.

                                            She continued playing with his hair, watching him with a serious expression. "Will you take care of Parvati?"
                                            • Aldrick looked up at her. "You know she won't let me near her with a pole stick...and I can do that as long as you don't make me take care of Lisa dear God what a bitch..."
                                              • "Please, Aldrick," she whispered. "Protect her. For me?"
                                                • Aldrick looked up at her and furrowed his brow. "Why...you know something I don't?"
                                                  • Padma frowned, unspeaking. She bit her lower lip, forcing to share the details.

                                                    The girl suddenly shoved her hand in her pocket and pulled a small coin out. "Take this," she told him quietly. Its familiar etchings had long ago stopped burning in her pocket, but she knew she had to pass it on to someone who could really use it. It would come to further use, after all.
                                                    • Aldrick grabbed the small coin and looked more confused than he usually did. "What is this for? There's no vending machines here..." He said as he looked at the coin over.
                                                      • "It's not for a vending machine," she told him, unsmiling. "Look closer. It's a false coin." Padma watched him. "Do you remember Harry's group I told you about? The one that I joined in fifth year?"
                                                        • Of course that Al had no idea what she was talking about. "Of course...ah..." He looked the coin over once again and rubbed a side of his head. "No..."
                                                          • "We joined a group where we learned all about the real world and fighting. Against the Dark Arts. We learned the real version from Harry," Padma explained carefully. "And he's going to want us to fight. ...Even Parvati." She involuntarily shivered. "When that coin gets hot, it means that Harry needs your help. It means that Parvati needs your help."
                                                            • Al starred. "But...I'm an idiot! I don't know any good spells!" He said and sat up and dropping the coin as if it was hot coal. Actually...it WAS getting hot in his hands. "Padma...I can't fight!"
                                                              • "You know it all in here," she told him, poking him in the chest. "It doesn't matter what you know, Harry always said. Everything you've been preparing for your whole life? It completely goes away when your nerves show up. You just have to give it your best, no matter what."
                                                                • "Harry said this Harrry says that Harry needs your help why don't you go and MARRY Harry!?" He said and then blinked looking at her up and down. "Oh...right."
                                                                  • Padma stared at him for a moment, then burst out laughing. Her laughter echoed, leaving a lasting impression. She brought him closer, chuckling, as she wrapped her arms around him. "As long as you're here, everything will be okay."
                                                                    • Aldrick smiled in a cheesy way as he tilted his head to a side. "I don't want to wake up." He said as he grabbed the coin which was still hot against the palm of his hand.
                                                                      • "And I don't want to go back, as of now," she sighed. "But we do have our responsibilities, unfortunately."
                                                                        • He stood up and brought her up gently holding her hand. "I love you Padma...I always did and will always do. " He said as tears came out of his eyes once more and he kissed her softly.
                                                                          • Padma felt hot tears stroll down both their cheeks as she kissed him back, knowing he would regret every second of this later. "Aldrick," she murmured against his lips.
                                                                            • Al pressed the palm of his hand that held the coin against hers and enlaced their fingers together. He backed away slightly but then opened his arms again and held her strongly afraid of letting her go.
                                                                              • Padma let him hold her and do whatever else he wanted to her. She knew this would be their last time together, and it only made her mold herself closer to him. "I love you, too," she whispered.
                                                                                • The burning sensation in his palm told him it was time to wake up. "I have to go..." he whispered as he buried his face in her hair.
                                                                                  • Padma nodded and sniffled into his shoulder. "I know," she whispered.

                                                                                    "I'll always love you," she told him before reluctantly scooting away with him. "I'm going to vanish in a few seconds," Padma informed.
                                                                                    • He stood there in front of her and waited. He stretched his hand one more time but before he could do anything else he woke up with a jolt in his bed.

                                                                                      He stood up and rubbed his eyes. That couldn't be real...

                                                                                      He opened his palm and there was the coin, burning fiercely against his skin. He quickly got dressed and Apparated concentrating on finding Pavarti.
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