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Hannah and Justin: One last time

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Hannah and Justin: One last time

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[Hannah] - concerned
Who: Hannah and Justin
What: meeting up to go help the others
When: the night of the final battle
Where: in position outside

Hannah fingered the Galleon in her pocket, taking it out to look at it. It was time. She was scared, but with Justin by her side, she hoped they would make it through.

She had something she had to tell him...in case something happened to either of them. But there wasn't time, not now.
  • Justin crouched beside Hannah, glad they had been put together in this. "You all right?" he whispered.
    • "No...not...not really," she replied, glancing at him with her bottom lip between her teeth. "I need to tell you something..."
      • "How important is it?" he asked. His heart was already beating like a drum and his hand was starting to sweat as he tightly clutched his wand.
        • Hannah knew this was the only time she could tell him...so she leaned close kissing his cheek. "I'm pregnant."
          • He stared at her, and for a second he thought his heart might actually have stopped. "You WHAT?"
            • "I'm having your baby," she said quietly. "I just thought...well I wanted you to know before the fighting started. Because I love you...so much...Justin."
              • He let out a low breath. "I can't believe this - you're serious?"
                • She gave a small nod. "I...I didn't mean for it to happen. I thought I was careful, but...I guess not."
                  • "Hannah!" he protested, panicking.
                    • "What?!" she replied a little louder than she should have as she moved from her crouch. "It's not like I planned this."
                      • Justin's mouth opened and closed as he tired to think of something, anything to say. "You should go home," was all that came out.
                        • "I'm not going anywhere, Justin," she said, her hand tightening around her wand.
                          • "No, but - what if you get hurt - the baby - "
                            • "No," she replied, glaring at him. "I'm not leaving you. If I go, you go too."
                              • "I'm not carrying a baby Hannah - god, I can't believe you're telling me this now..."
                                • "Fine, if you don't want it...you don't have to deal with it," she replied and moved away from him, still clutching her wand.
                                  • "Hannah..." he said, wondering why he couldn't stop saying her name. "I..."
                                    • "What?" she said, stopping to look back at him. "If you can't say anything more than what you've sad, then don't say anything."
                                      • Justin couldn't think of anything to say. Up until now, after all, all he'd been worried about was having to fight Death Eaters. Now he had to deal with this, as well. Angry, confused and ashamed, he turned his face away from her.

                                        A low sound issued from the coin in his hand. "It's time," he muttered, getting to his feet.
                                        • Hannah forced herself not to cry, not to even think of anything other than protecting herself and the unborn child she carried inside her.

                                          She moved to her feet, gripping her wand tightly as she went through spells in her head.
                                          • Justin waited for the nod from one of the others and jerked his hand at Hannah before he started running towards the house. As they got closer, the grey mist that surrounded the place got thicker and thicker, and Justin had to stay close to Hannah to prevent losing her from sight.
  • Hannah tried to stay close to Justin as the fighting started. Spells flew everywhere and she tried to deflect as many of them as she could, sending stunning spells back at the targets.
    • As they approached the house, Justin could see the Death Eaters looking alarmed. Harry had brought not only the DA, but the Order and the Order's allies to fight. Justin blasted as many dark-robed figures as he could see until they were close enough to actually see the house through the mist. "Come on!" he yelled, heading for the stairs.
      • She fought her way toward the house, trying to see through the mist to follow the sounds of people near her.

        She ducked, just missing a hex that was sent her way. She threw a stunning spell back at her target. There were so many of them and the mist was surely hiding more. She heard killing curses flying everywhere and hoped no one in their group was dead.
        • He was trying to concentrate so hard, but he kept wanting to look back at Hannah, to make sure she was okay. Cursing himself (though not literally), he fought his way over to her until they were back to back. "I'm sorry!" he yelled over the noise.
          • "About what?" she yelled, spinning around to get the Death Eater at her back.
            • "What just happened!" he shouted back. "I didn't mean to upset you!"
              • "Well at least upset, I can still fight," she replied as she sent another stunning spell at the Death Eater in front of her.
                • "You can!" he yelled back. "You're amazing! And I love you!"
                  • "I love you too," she yelled, pausing to look at him as tears filled her eyes.

                    "Justin! Look out!"
                    • Justin looked round just in time to see a red light coming towards him. He threw up his arm to shield himself, too late. He was blasted back into the wall and crumpled into a heap.
                      • "Justin! No!" she yelled, rushing toward him.

                        "STUPEFY!" she yelled, stunning the Death Eater who had sent the curse at Justin. The charm hit the man and he crumpled to the ground.

                        "Justin...no! Justin," she said, tears streaming down her face. "Come on, Justin...don't leave me..."
                        • He hurt everywhere. He whimpered a little, opening his eyes through a haze of red to look up into Hannah's face. He could feel something warm and sticky spreading over his chest and face. "Han..."
                          • Hannah froze, her hands accessing the blood that was coming out faster than she could even think about stopping it. She brushed her fingers over Justin's face, trying to stay calm.

                            Spells. Healing spells. Why didn't she know any?

                            "Shhh," she said. "Don't talk. You're going to be fine, okay. You have to be."
                            • He moaned and felt blind panic rear up as he realised he couldn't move his arms or legs. He was going to die.

                              But he couldn't leave her like this, not in a fight, not like this, she had to know he didn't want to leave her...

                              "Han," he croaked. "I'm sorry..."
                              • "I know," she said, cupping his head in her lap. "I'm sorry too. I'm...I'm sorry I didn't tell you before now. I love you, Justin."
                                • "I...I love..." he rasped, and then coughed violently. He tasted blood as it dribbled over his lips and down his chin.
                                  • Hannah grabbed the bottom of her shirt, tearing off a piece of it to wipe his lips. She cursed herself for not knowing any healing spells. She couldn't do anything to help him.

                                    "I know you do," she said, wiping his mouth. She leaned down, kissing his lips softly. "I've never doubted it."
                                    • As Justin's chest started to collapse, he fought for breath, wishing he could move his hand just a little to touch her one last time. "I'm... sorry..." he said again, but it came out as barely a whisper.
                                      • "Don't be," she said, tears falling down her face. She was hardly aware of anything going on around them. All of her focus was on Justin's face. "It's not your fault...nothing is."
  • He took in her face, and somewhere deep inside him he was glad that she was the last thing he would see. Slowly his body went limp and his eyes glazed over in death, and he saw no more.
    • Hannah sobbed, rocking Justin's limp, dead body in her arms. He was gone, but she had to keep his body safe...she tried to calm herself and conjured a blanket to cover him with. She covered Justin's body with it and used a levitation spell to move him away from the fighting.

      It was time to join the fray again and Hannah joined it with a fury that she knew couldn't be defeated. She would survive and the child inside her would know how wonderful its father was.
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