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The Darker Truth || RPG

Who: Harry, Draco, Pansy and/or Snape, maybe eventually Voldemort....…

The Darker Truth: A Harry Potter RPG Community

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Who: Harry, Draco, Pansy and/or Snape, maybe eventually Voldemort....
What: Central 'battle' thread - feel free to start your own individual ones in pairs or small groups: eg. Ron and Hermione, Justin and Hannah.
When: The final day

The DA were in position, surrounding the house that no one could see. The Death Eaters had nowhere to run except for the sea. Assuming they'd be running, of course.

The diadem was destroyed. That left two Horcruxes, and Harry only knew what one of them was - even that wasn't for sure. The best he could hope for was to blast Voldemort out of his current body to buy him time to find the last Horcrux. He glanced over at Draco, who looked more miserable than Harry had ever seen him. All attempts to try and convince him he wasn't going to die had fallen flat. Harry thought it was distinctly unhelpful.

He couldn't see the other DA members, but they were there, encircling the castle. Everyone had their assignments, their positions. If they were really, really lucky, everyone might not die.

"Here goes," he whispered. He drew his wand and touched it to the fake Galleon he held in his hand. It was the signal.
  • Hexes flew everywhere, and Pansy was certain she didn't want to be here. All though Voldemort had pretty much to either go or to face the consequences with her life and her family's Pansy didn't know what was left of life and family to protect. Her father was dead, so was her cousin, the Ministry was flying attempts to lock them out of their fortune and run them out of their house by claiming investigations of dark magic. Her grandmother was ill, and her mother was on the edge of insanity Pansy had a right mind to gather their belongings and escape in exile to somewhere like Spain. Alas, the night before Snape had come in a burst to her house, on orders from Voldemort.

    "Planning on going anywhere Miss Parkinson?"

    Any attempts to explain were futile and she was informed of orders through Snape of Voldemort. She was to inform the former Slytherins also and while some of them had been positioned on the outskirts of the battle in case of need. She wasn't. She was to find Draco and kill him just as her orders were.

    Her robes were stuffy, the mask over her face made it hard for her to breath, she found herself gasping for breath with every step she took, and wherever she stepped Snape wasn't too far off.

    Severus had an agenda of his own; he wasn't going to die for this stupid girl, and her idea of romance. She would die first before his life was on the line. She would take care of it; she was the one that had the deed of killing off the boy not him. It wasn't he who had the responsibility.

    Snape growled, there was no need for masks but the girl didn't want anyone to see the wounds that were on her face. As another figure joined them Snape glared at the boy and furrowed his brow.

    "This isn't your position!" He snapped but the gangly boy just ignored him.

    "You have backup Parkinson; don't make me die for you." Nott said as Pansy seemed about to faint as she stepped forward with shaking hands. Pansy leaped forward as Nott shouted hexes at others that flew close to her but quickly failed behind.

    As she saw him be stuck behind with two Order (or Death Eaters) she gasped and shouted something but a quick appearance of Snape behind her made her continue forward.

    “Is your own doing now, Miss Parkinson make the dead of your deceased father count for something.” He said and Pansy glared at him.

    “Father died to find me, and died in the process.” She replied harshly and shoved the man away. She removed her mask and hood and stepped forward; even with the articles of clothing gone it was still difficult to breathe.

    "Find Potter, Malfoy shouldn't be too far off." Severus said as he shielded a hex. "No tries of escaping this time Parkinson I shall be responsible for taking care of you if you do."
  • (OOC: Argh! Just moved house, guys, hence very limited internet access. May not get it at my flat for another week. But I'll try to pop in here through internet cafes or whatever whenever I'm able.)

    Draco had almost gotten used to his wounded hand now. It was likely to be a permanent thing, and though in the past he'd been vain enough about his appearance to consider every blemish an unmitigated disaster, these days he had more important things on his mind. Like the feeling he was going to die. That one was a lot harder to shake off than the occassional spasm of pain in his right hand.

    He stood side by side with Harry. It had been the Gryffindor's suggestion. Draco got the feeling he felt in some small way protective of him, perhaps because of what had happened not twenty-four hours earlier. Draco didn't like the idea of needing protection, but he kept close to Harry anyway. The Boy Who Lived Despite His Own Best Efforts was clearly going to get himself into some kind of trouble and Draco wanted to be there to save his hide, to pay him back, to even the score.

    "House of Malfoy," Draco declared to himself in little more than a whisper, "House of Black, tonight I fight for you. May I make my ancestors proud. And if I live to see the dawn, that wouldn't be so bad either."
    • (ooc: oh, bless his little heart. <3)

      Harry watched as the attackers on either side surged forward, feeling a heavy weight in the pit of his stomach as the first fighter was shot down by the defenders. "Let's go," he muttered, unable to watch any longer. He and Draco had planned to enter by stealth in the hope that Voldemort would be too distracted by the full-scale attack to notice Harry's presence until it was too late.
      • (ooc: Hey no problem the only way I'm getting internet at the moment is at college so yeah...>_>)

        Pansy ran along, under the constant supervision of Snape. She had tried to turn away a few times all ready but found it impossible to concentrate enough to apparate out of here. She unbuttoned the first button of her high neck robe in order to find it easier to breathe, yet once again failed miserably.

        Hexes flew everywhere and she saw as people felt either unconscious or to their dead she didn't know, and she really didn't want to know either. More people jumped into battle, apparently most sides were loosing same amount of people and ordering backup to appear. As someone through a hex at her Pansy waved her wand to create a shield only to look up as the hex bounced off from it.

        "Pansy! I didn't know that was you!" The voice of Millicent met her ears and the big girl help the shortest one up and stood by her side.

        "Go, aid the other ones I need to find Malfoy."

        The tall girl looked confused but quickly ran out.

        "There's one of the students!" She heard a manic voice say as a hex flew few inches away from her cheek. "You bloody idiot I'm on your side!" She yelled out as she ran for cover.

        Maybe she could still make it, maybe she could run away....

        she darted for the nearest area away from battle and that's where she saw them. Breathing hard, as sweat sting her wound on her eye she grabbed a firm grip of her wand.

        "Pansy!" Another voice said as another shield was brought up around her.

        "I see them Nott!" She shouted but remained glued to the spot as she secretly wished that neither one of the boys had seen her.
  • Harry kept a firm grip on his wand as Draco threw off the disarming hex. It was an uncomfortable stalemate. "Where's the snake, Snape?" he asked. "She's all we want."
    • "Speak for yourself, Harry," Draco smirked dangerously. "My dear godfather and I have a score to settle. This one's for my mother, Professor. You'll haunt her steps no longer after tonight. Levicorpus!"
      • Severus glanced with the corner of his eye at Narcissa as the boy rambled on. As he evaded the spell which hit an armchair that immediately levitate in the air Snape thought it was enough of this silly boy. He wouldn't kill him, due to requests of his mother but he could at least make him writhe in pain.

        No she wouldn't like that either, so he could just make him pass out, and if Narcissa asked it was done to protect him from himself. "Boy you should come to realize it is her who continuously searches for me. Mostly because of you." He flicked his wand and his mind screamed out a blasting spell.
        • Harry swore and cast a shielding charm, knowing that Draco would berate him later for it, but they didn't have time. "Draco, there's someone else in here," he said, standing back to back with him to cover all corners of the room. "I can feel it."
          • "Who then?" Draco asked, but with a dreadful sinking feeling he realised the answer to his question even as he asked it. And sure enough, there she was, emerging slowly from behind a pillar. Somehow, even under the circumstances, she managed to do it with a stately grace.



            "It's been a while."

            "It has."

            She turned to Snape, and there was both hope and desperation in her voice.

            "Lower your wand, Severus."
            • Severus looked at the woman and for the first time he found himself glaring at her. He wanted to shove her out of the way; she was putting herself on the line for a boy that had left her on the streets, for a boy that had been the responsible one for the dead of her husband, and for a kid that would never grow up.

              He gritted his teeth and lowered his wand but he knew that this wasn't an option. Finding that hurting her child would be better than hurting her he decided what he had to do. He wasn't going to test Narcissa, so he kept his wand lowered he knew just how fierce she could be.

              This boy was just a lot of trouble; he could hear Voldemort casting the killing curse at him and not at Draco because of the third failure. That was not going to happen, and he lounged for the boy shoving Narcissa out of the way. He shouted a stunning spell and when it bounced off and hit a wall he went for the kill from a distance behind a bookshelf.

              Instead of the scream of a boy he heard the scream of a woman and he gasped as he looked out. On the ground there was Narcissa. Severus found difficulty to speak; his legs gave away as he saw the body lay on the ground as if she was sleeping.

              "You...stupid...woman..." He whispered as he tried to fight back the tears from his eyes. Wherever the two boys were Severus didn't care, he would welcome dead if he had to. He heard someone behind him and stepped up to point his wand at Draco in a more fierce way than before.

              • It all happened so fast. Snape had attacked him, Draco had begun a counter-curse but never got the chance to finish it. Narcissa had thrown herself between the two of them, one hand outstretched to push Snape's wand away from its goal, the other brandishing her own wand, as if preparing to kill him, as if at the last she had chosen her son.

                But then she fell. And Draco's heart skipped a beat at the sight of it. For a brief moment he whimpered, a child again, a boy who'd skinned his knee, who'd had a bad dream, who needed his mother. But then that moment passed, and rage filled him instead.


                Never before had he cast a spell with such force. Snape went flying backwards and landed hard on his back. But the hex didn't end there. It collided with the far wall and ripped it apart. A sudden gust of cold wind filled what was left of the room, which now dangled precariously over the cliff that guarded the other side of Voldemort's hideout. In the distance lightning lashed the sky. Thunder rumbled. Below, huge waves crashed against the rockface.

                It was a suitably dramatic place for it all to end.

                "Find Nagini," Draco instructed Harry, before turning back to Snape, who was now rising to his feet. He stepped towards his old Head of House, his wand raised, his mother lying on the floor just behind him. Either he would grieve her soon, or he would meet her. But the time to fight was now.
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